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Dylan Cohen

Dylan brought the aging out issue to a group of organizers in fall 2015 which later came to form 25not21. He is dedicated to working toward a just society and wants to use his experience and voice to challenge the status quo. He grew up in care and somehow finds time to bake bread, and play piano between organizing rallies and working as a youth care worker. While living in Winnipeg, Dylan was our almost-capable spokesperson! 

Follow his journey on Instagram: @dylscoh and Twitter: @dylscoh

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img_1053Sherry Viloria

Sherry Viloria is a young woman who has spent her teen years in foster care, and has aged out of child welfare. Activist, Advocate, Public Speaker, and blogger, she spends her time putting her personal experience in various social movements. Such as 25not21, VOICES, and The Canadian Mental Health association. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing at home with her cat Piper, and updating her blog about her experiences in and ageing out of care.

“Growing up in the system during my important and self shaping years has been a very heart-heavy journey. Now that I am 21 and have aged out of the system, I have come to know that it needs more support structures to benefit a positive and stable future for each youth in care. I believe that by joining 25not21, it has given me the hope and motivation to advocate for that ‘better’ system and to push the extension of care and support until 25” 

Follow her journey on Instagram: @sherryviloriaTwitter: @sherryviloriaBlog site: https://theinnerworkingsofsherryviloria.wordpress.com/

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15591772_10157937385250626_2109387579_n Jacqueline Pelland

Jacq is an active member of 25not21 since the group’s inception in Fall 2015🍁, and has close friends and family members currently and previously in the CFS system👫. She is Metis and bisexual, and plans to study law and represent fellow members of the Indigenous and LGBTQIA communities⚖️, as well as immigrants and refugees arriving to Turtle Island✈️. In her spare time, Jacq enjoys petting dogs🐕, giving tarot readings🔮, participating in grassroots actions🌱and writing poetry and songs🎤📝. 👣Follow her journey at @sassymcgrass

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sassymcgrass/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SassyGrass2

Media: http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/atheist-gay-international-student-granted-refugee-status-1.2846178


Becca Ward 

15110379_10157864295355352_2975109224836206678_oBecca has been a member of 25not21 since fall 2015 when the group was formed. She is passionate about using her privileges and skills to work to create a more just and equal world👫, and is excited to have her voice joined alongside other young people who want a better CFS in Manitoba📍. Becca loves to ride her bike🚴‍♀️, watch The Office🎬, and enjoy food with friends🍴. She is planning to attend law school where to she hopes to better learn how she can make our country a more equitable place🌎👣Follow her journey @texmexbex

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/texmexbex/


Judy Paul

15502869_1249476838450320_750015911_oJudy has been a member of 25not21 since summer 2016. She is currently 17 and preparing to age out of care at 21📅. She is passionate about yout
h reclaiming their
voices📢. She believes in the youths ability for creative, divergent thinking 💡and believes that their minds and spirits need to be heard. She hasbeen in care since the age of five and believes in the changes needed in the care system👨‍👩‍👧. She is excited to share, and inspire the youth to beleive in themselves and come together to change the world🌎. She loves to dance💃🏿, sing🎶, paint🎨 and watch Broad City🎬. She looks forward to her individual expansion in the years to come.👣Follow her journey @sasquatch_sabae

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sasquatch_sabae/


15540237_10209850942963530_979028842_oEvan McIntosh

Evan is a sociology major at the University of Manitoba, who is passionate about grassroots community activism🌱. After many years of unlearning colonial propaganda and he joined 25not21 as a way to directly challenge colonialism and systematic racism✊🏻. His passion and admiration for the group has grown immensely since he joined in early 2015. He has grown to be an active and motivating member who continues to show more initiative to create change, when participating in meetings and events🌳. In his downtime, Evan enjoys video games🎮, reading📚, art🖌and socializing with the people he loves👣Follow his journey @em7688900


Chris Johnsonchris

Chris is a budding engineer enrolled at the University of Manitoba📚. His technological knowledge has helped 25not21 achieve web presence and outreach into new atmospheres💻. Suffering through a series of strokes caused by surgical failures at a young age (18), Chris knows the importance of several issues brought to us📢. In his spare time Chris enjoys swimming🏊🏻, yoga🕉, reading📖, and tea🍵. 👣Follow his journey at @krystov_turtle

      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krystov_turtle/



Connor Wielgosz

Connor Wielgosz is currently a student enrolled in Creative Communications at Red River College, studying Journalism, Public  Relations, Advertising, and Media Production. His experience includes co-creating The Water Cycle Project, a year-long fundraising initiative aimed at raising awareness and funds for clean water accessibility around the world. Through the project, he managed promotion and design, event coordination, media production and finances, and biked over 7,200km across Canada with his brother to spread their cause. The project raised over $5,500. Through the project, he and his brother were awarded Governor General’s Caring Canadian Awards.

He had the opportunity to work with the Office of the Children’s Advocate in the summer of 2016, producing several short films to raise awareness and start conversations. His project, Viral Activist, launched January 2017, through which he hopes to start conversations on issues including plastic pollution, animal agriculture, and human trafficking.

“I joined 25not21 through my friend, Jen. She mentioned the possibility of a video project, and at the time I was looking for opportunities to film. After the first meeting, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of – a few short months later, the documentary was made and premiered, and it felt amazing to be part of such a powerful piece.”

In his spare time he likes to read.