About Us

25not21 has 4 policy recommendations:

  1. Amending the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA) to allow Support Beyond Termination of Guardianship to not only permanent wards, but those under the guardianship of CFS until age 18.
  2. Amending the CFSA to enable Support Beyond Termination of Guardianship to extend to age 25.
  3. Ensuring that every youth has access to extensions of care on an opt-in basis, allowing youth to take time away from CFS, and to ensure that extensions are always available.
  4. Establishing clear indicators of successful transitions to adulthood, and ensuring that these guidelines are followed in considerations for extensions

Our group has been hard at work since September 2015. So far, we have been tirelessly studying CFS Manitoba legislation, meeting with local and provincial politicians, networking and speaking with local radio and televised news stations, collaborating with youth service providers and community groups, and providing a much-needed platform for youth in care to speak out on the need for better extensions of care in the province of Manitoba.

25not21 is all about inclusivity, sharing our stories for change and working to empower and educate youth in care and allies with knowledge regarding extension of care policy. We strive to ensure that we are promoting and supporting first and foremost former or current youth in care, whose voices can be heard most clearly through our direct actions and events we have organized up until now. Check them out here!